WJCT is the First Coast’s largest classroom.

Educational programming for children has been a focus of the station since WJCT’s first broadcast on September 10, 1958. Connecting every child, home-schooling parent and teacher to educational programming and resources is very much in keeping with WJCT’s mission to promote lifelong learning. Under the auspices of Ready to Learn over 60 hours of WJCT’s weekly television schedule is standards based content specifically geared toward children school age and younger.

WJCT makes educational content available for all First Coast families.

WJCT provides free educational tools in a variety of accessible forms such as TV, online, mobile apps and community outreach programs and as such is an educational resource for all families in our community, providing access to online activities, instructional games and initiatives that serve students from low-income families and span the range of pre-school through school age children.

Why your contribution is critical

Studies show that children who start school without solid fundamentals in reading are at a disadvantage and are already behind other children who have benefited from pre-K learning. Help ensure WJCT continues to be a vital resource for all First Coast children. Your support will help us provide the best in commercial free, educational content and our ongoing effort to adapt to new technologies for delivering this content so that all children will have free and easy access to it.