WJCT History & Science

WJCT History & Science

WJCT nurtures the explorer in all of us.

WJCT offers the First Coast content that continually feeds our collective curiosity and the need to learn more about the world around us, from the people, events and ideas shaping the local, national and world history to the outer reaches of the cosmos! WJCT provides what is being called the smartest night on television with “Think Wednesday” lineups of Nature and NOVA specials. Each week, First Coast listeners tune in to Science Friday on 89.9 WJCT Public Radio, the First Coast’s trusted source for news and entertaining stories about science. PBS series including Secrets of the Dead and History Detectives unlock mysteries of the past to help us to better understand the present and the Ken Burns documentaries which explore the nature and politics of the ages and inform audiences about the conflicts and issues that continue to impact our nation and our world.

Part of WJCT’s history is telling the history of the community and the world around us.

WJCT raises awareness of the rich history of Florida and the First Coast through our own documentaries, local TV productions such as Diamond Days, The St. Augustine Lighthouse and Old Town, New Town, Our Town-The Story of Amelia Island. WJCT showcases the traditions and home grown treasures on the First Coast through the monthly broadcast of Hometown. On radio, we give voice to the rich experiences of local community members through our Voices of the First Coast initiatives and Teachable Moments series. With four distinctly different TV channels, three radio channels and accessible content at wjctondemand.org, we
offer ample opportunities for lifelong learning.

Why your investment is vital to WJCT’s science and history programs

With your generous commitment WJCT can continue to grow the explorers in our community. Help us plant the seeds of curiosity and nurture our citizens to
delight in the discoveries around them. Together, we can make it possible for our family, friends and neighbors to travel the globe, explore the planets, time travel and envision the future, thereby coming to a better understanding of the people and places around us all.