WJCT Community Outreach

WJCT Community Outreach

WJCT extends content and opportunities for the community to learn, share and grow.

WJCT Public Media offers a wide range of direct, people-to-people services designed to deliver ideas and information to the many adults and children we serve, a service which is central to our commitment to put public broadcasting to good use for the benefit of us all. Through outreach, WJCT extends the power of our content by putting materials, tools and other such resources directly into the hands of the citizens of the First Coast. Our outreach efforts bring people together to make change in our community as well as in the quality of your life and the lives of others.

WJCT is a valued community partner.

WJCT extends its outreach by partnering with local organizations. Together we build upon our broadcast programming with events and activities that engage individuals, promote intergenerational and cross-community discussion and foster citizens’ participation in issues of importance. The Cultural Council of Greater Jacksonville, the Women of Color Cultural Foundation, the Jacksonville Public Library, the Jacksonville Symphony Orchestra and MOCA Jacksonville are just a few of the many, many community organizations who have partnered with us in media services, educational events or other such collaborative activities.

Why WJCT’s Community Outreach needs your support

Through our community outreach efforts we go beyond the broadcast and into the community to make a difference. Your contribution will ensure that WJCT is able to impact the lives of First Coast citizens through all stages of life, from preparing children to enter school to providing health information that can help our citizens maintain the quality of their lives and secure a more prosperous future.