WJCT Arts & Culture

WJCT Arts & Culture

WJCT showcases a rich tradition of bringing performing arts to the First Coast.

For nearly 60 years, WJCT has served as your ticket to the very best in live music, dance, theatre and more! WJCT’s unique radio, television and online media platforms connect listeners and viewers with diverse programs that celebrate art from the First Coast and around the globe, performances that simply are not found anywhere else in the broadcast media. From Tchaikovsky and Beethoven to Carol Burnett and Billy Joel, WJCT’s Arts & Entertainment programming gives you the best seat in the house! Specifically, WJCT showcases a variety of top performances through the PBS Fall Festival, with dramas, comedies, musicals from concert stages and theaters across the country.

WJCT is a champion for the local arts and cultural community.

WJCT regularly partners with and actively promotes the exhibits, events and performances offered by the various arts organizations that serve the First Coast community. In addition to which WJCT endeavors to shine a spotlight on individual artists of the First Coast as well. The Square is a collaboration between WJCT, the Cultural Council of Greater Jacksonville, and the local arts community and its purpose is to provide an online venue place where individual creativity is shared and enjoyed.

Why support for WJCT arts and cultural programming matters

Exposure to the arts in childhood is a stronger predictor of adult arts participation than education, gender, age or income. The arts motivate people to socialize, to learn, to experience and to support the community. WJCT nurtures the explorer in you with these programs, not only through its platforms but in partnership with the many and varied local arts organizations. Your return on investment is the enrichment this content provides you as well as the many on the First Coast who have no other way to enjoy such arts and cultural programming.