Corporate Marketing

[box color=”gray”] Sponsorship through WJCT Corporate Marketing adds impact and prestige to any marketing mix by associating your company with two of the most respected brands, PBS and NPR.

To be a corporate sponsor is to be associated with its mission: to enrich the human experience by educating, inspiring and enlightening viewers and listeners while you reach a wealth of educated, affluent prospective customers.

Public media has a powerful, involving appeal among affluent viewers and listeners; leaders and decision makers who have more disposable income, and larger financial means, than people at any other stage in life. Many public media viewers and listeners do not spend a great deal of time with traditional commercial broadcasting. However, they are drawn to public media’s exceptional programming in drama, music, education, history, science, news and information. Since programs run without interruption, the viewer’s and listener’s experience is more intense, engaged, and involved. In addition, their feelings about public media programming translate directly into feelings about its sponsors.

  • 67% of public media viewers agree that companies that underwrite PBS are industry leaders.
  • 78% of listeners agree that companies that underwrite NPR are committed to quality and excellence.
  • 93% of viewers and listeners agree that companies who support PBS and NPR are providing a public service.
  • Americans ranked PBS as the nation’s most trusted institution for the ninth year in a row
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