“ZIRKLE DAM – Little Satilla River” by Wayne Morgan


Artist: Wayne Morgan

Genre: Photography

Bio: I live in the Southeast Georgia County of Brantley. In 1999, I had heart issues that required a pacemaker when I was 35 years old. I started taking a camera with me hunting and fishing and finally put my gun and rod and reel down. I go out several days a week looking for things to photograph. My main subject has been the dark waters of the Satilla River and I don’t use photo editing programs.

Piece: ZIRKLE DAM – Little Satilla River

Piece Description: The ZIRKLE DAM, built in 1918 across the Little Satilla River in Southeast Georgia, flows today.

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  • Brenda Black Strickland

    Once a thriving community of businessmen and their family’s, this little piece of paradise has been lost in time, no longer inhabited by outsiders, reclaimed by nature. It’s peaceful tranquility tugs at the heart with the hiss of rushing water over the old dam, the natural beauty of nature at it’s best. It’s location is unknown by many, few have been fortunate to have happened upon it and those who have are drawn back again and again to soak in the awe of nature’s power to comfort even the most weary soul. Mr. Wayne Morgan has made it possible for many to enjoy this little known treasure of Brantley County, Georgia with his beautiful Photography.