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8/18/16: Hans Tanzler III; #PoetryExposures

Hans Tanzler III appeared on First Coast Connect on Thursday to talk with Melissa Ross about the Florida 4th District Congressional race. WJCT’s own Cat Davis talked about her new social media campaign to celebrate poetry and public personalities.

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First Coast Connect: Tanzler Says He Is The ‘True Conservative’ In Congressional Race

Republican Hans Tanzler III said he is the only candidate running to replace retiring Congressman Ander Crenshaw with the experience and conservative credentials to do the job. Tanzer appeared on First Coast Connect Thursday morning and talked about how his position as a “conservative outsider” can help bring change in Washington. Tanzler admits he has run the most negative ads in the campaign directed mainly at frontrunner former Sheriff John Rutherford. Tanzler stands by his accusation that Rutherford allowed Jacksonville to become a haven for illegal immigrants when he was sheriff. “The sheriff has the resources of the city and the county to enforce the laws,” he said. “If it chooses to not enforce the laws against the illegal immigrants which committed the first crime of entering the country illegally, then it is giving sanctuary to them.” Tanzler has expressed some positions that others, even in conservative circles, consider extreme. They include cutting by 50 percent the federal

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Reveal: Child Sex Abuse Lost In The System

Reporter Tennessee Watson says she was sexually abused by her gymnastics coach when she was a kid in the 1980s. More than 25 years later, when she learned he still was coaching children, she called the police. Her inside account of the painful process of seeking justice in her own case exposes discrepancies in prosecutors’ responses to reports of child sexual abuse and spotlights a lack of accountability.

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Natural Gas Fueling Station Opens In St. Augustine

St. Johns County’s new compressed natural gas fueling station filled up its first tank after two years of planning. A Miami-based natural gas company is hoping it’s just the first step in its expansion into Northeast Florida, despite environmentalists’ concerns.

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First Coast Connect: Rutherford Fights Off Attacks As Primary Election Nears

Former Jacksonville Sheriff John Rutherford said on Wednesday’s First Coast Connect, he wants to fix the economy and strengthen the military as he runs for Congressional District 4, replacing the retiring Ander Crenshaw. He also said he wants to strengthen nation’s borders to combat terrorism. Rutherford has won the endorsement of many prominent local Republicans but the leader in the polls has been sharply criticized by his primary opponents, primarily Hanz Tanzler, who said Rutherford is too liberal to represent the district. Rutherford disputes the claim, stating he has a long history of conservative leadership in the sheriff’s office. Tanzler has also criticized Rutherford for no longer supporting the death penalty. The former sheriff said his position has evolved on the issue. “I still believe in a moral war. I believe in self defense. I have absolutely no problem with an officer using lethal force to capture an aggravated felony suspect,” he said. “What I oppose and what I think

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