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A Tale of Resale: How Big Chains’ Rejected Produce Ends Up in Local Grocery Stores

If you live in Chicago and like fresh produce, you’ve probably noticed the same thing Kelin Hall has: Fruit and vegetable prices in the city can vary wildly from store to store. Sometimes it seems like you can see the same strawberries for $2.98 a pound at a chain store and then 98 cents a flat (that’s several packages) at independent stores like Cermak Produce, Pete’s Fresh Market, Tony’s Finer Foods and Stanley’s Fresh Fruits & Vegetables. Questioner Kelin Hall has noticed this for years. And it’s made her wonder how her favorite Stanley’s — located near Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s — as well as other local produce stores could pull off these incredible bargains. Then, one day, while shopping at Tony’s in Logan Square, she thought she spied a hint: This led her to ask Curious City if local stores like Stanley’s and Tony’s might be selling rejects from national chains like Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods — and, further, if there was something sketchy about the whole thing. We

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Second Acts: Heather Headley Is Back On Broadway — After A ’15-Year Intermission’

Perhaps you’ve heard the famous F. Scott Fitzgerald quote that goes, “There are no second acts in American lives.” Some may beg to disagree. After all, for many people, there are indeed second acts. One such example is singer and actress Heather Headley, who epitomizes this in ways few others do. Headley is a native of the twin-island republic Trinidad and Tobago in the South Caribbean, where she started singing and playing the piano in church at a very young age. She moved with her family to the United States in the early ’90s.In the U.S., Headley continued to hone her skills in the arts and on leaving Northwestern University made a splash on Broadway, first as Nala in the original Lion King in 1997, then as the title character in the Elton John and Tim Rice musical Aida, for which — at just 26 years old — she won a Tony for best actress. And then she disappeared for 15 years. Well, sort of — she took a break to focus on music and family.But this summer, Headley is back on Broadway

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For Stopping A Pandemic Of Gun Violence, Let’s Look To The Flu

It’s still summer and school’s still out for most people, so it’s understandable if you’re not thinking about the flu. But we all will be soon. Your pharmacist, your doctor, your boss, maybe even your colleagues — they’ll all be pushing you to get that annual flu shot, as well they should. Flu is serious business; it causes thousands of hospitalizations each year.There is no exact number of how many people die from the flu every year. It comes in different strains, and people don’t always recognize that flu is the cause. But there are estimates: The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says between 3,000 and 49,000 people die every year from the flu.You’re probably thinking: Why am I talking about the flu? I am talking about it because it’s something we’ve lived with all of our lives. It’s something that existed before we were a country and something that remains with us to the present day. It’s something that touches everyone, but harms some people — the elderly and the very

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U.S. Olympian Kim Rhode Takes Her Shot At History To Dispel Stigma

It’s pushing 100 degrees outside and the Southern California sun is baking the fields of shattered clay at the Redlands Shooting Range — but it’s a training day for Kim Rhode, so she shoulders her 12-gauge over-under shotgun, dumps a few boxes of shells into her pockets and heads out to the skeet field.When you’re this close to the Olympic Games, every day is a training day — even if it’s an old, familiar drill.Rhode has a shot at history this summer in Rio. “No pressure,” she says. With a medal-finish in skeet shooting this year, she would become the first Olympic athlete to medal in six consecutive Summer Games. She won the first — a gold — in Atlanta, just days after her 17th birthday.Now 37, she’s got more on her mind than just history. Fame and recognition as one of the best shooters in the world has put her in a unique position to become more politically active too.But for now, she’s got to focus on training. She’s aiming to shoot about 400 rounds today.”Normally I’d be up at

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