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After His Assassination, A Pakistani Artist’s Family Keeps His Song Alive

It’s been about a month since Amjad Sabri’s voice was silenced. He was shot dead in his home city of Karachi by two men on a motorcycle, and his millions of fans are still in shock and anger.So are his family. Sabri’s oldest brother, Sarwat, hopes the police will soon arrest the culprits. He has many questions for his brother’s killer: “Why did you do it? Are you doing it for God? For evil? Or for a man? For money? And he has to give the answer to the whole nation — not only the nation, the whole world now, because the whole world is listening.”Qawwali is what made Amjad Sabri world-famous. It’s devotional music linked with Sufism, a mystical variant of Islam deeply entwined with the traditions of South Asia.Sabri was a brilliant performer and a pioneer. At his family home in the back streets of Karachi, visitors still flood in every day to pay their condolences. An entire wall is devoted to a portrait of Amjad’s father, also a legendary qawwali singer.We’re met by Amjad’s brothers,

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