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Jax Symphony’s “King of Instruments” Turns 100

Fans of the Jacksonville Symphony may know the kaleidoscope of sounds that come from the orchestra’s massive pipe organ, but they may not know it’s history, or what it takes to tune it.

“With this many pipes, anything can go wrong,” said organ technician Chaz Dewsbury, who’s been taking care of the Jacksonville Symphony Orchestra’s Bryan Concert Organ for the last seven years.

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A Clean Slate: Juvenile Diversion Program Provides A Chance To Start Over

There’s something universally jarring about the sound of shackles. It’s slow and, while high-pitched, carries a timbre of gloom.

It’s especially unnerving when those shackles are chained to the feet and arms of a slight, young man, like the one who stood in front of an audience on a recent evening.

“At the end of the day, y’all are going home. I’m still locked up,” he told the group of young men sitting before him.

His words were quiet, but he had their full attention.

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City Rolling Out Bigger Recycling Bins

 The City of Jacksonville is automating it’s curbside recycling program. That means new recycling bins for residents. 

“Soon, three-fourths of the city will have the new carts,” said Jeff Foster, director of Solid Waste for the City of Jacksonville.

The new recycling bins have bright yellow lids and they will be picked up every-other week by a truck with a big mechanical arm. And they can hold much more than the old blue bins.

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