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First Read: Monday, May 25, 2015

Welcome to WJCT First Read, your daily weekday morning round-up of stories from the First Coast, around Florida, and across the country.Here are ten stories you might have missed.Scott Signs Bill Lifting Trade Restrictions On Northern IrelandThis past …

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Jacksonville Coalition Working To Reduce Veteran Homelessness To ‘Functional Zero’

Being a military veteran is one of the factors that make it more likely a person will become homeless.

In Jacksonville, it’s estimated one-in-10 homeless people are vets. That’s fewer than five years ago, thanks to local groups using federal grants to get veterans under roofs.

Now, one of those groups is embarking on an ambitious goal of sheltering more than one homeless veteran every day this year.

Lou Dougherty works for Emergency Services and Homeless Coalition of Northeast Florida.

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TSA: Remember Special Rules For Four-Legged Friends

Anyone who’s flown on an airplane in the past decade has the airport security rules memorized: Don’t leave your bag unattended. Take off your shoes when you pass through metal detectors. And leave weapons at home.

But what about rules for furry travel companions?

The Transportation Security Administration has special rules for flyers with small pets.

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Jeb Steaming Over ‘Intellectual Arrogance’

Jeb Bush is keeping Sunshine State governors in the global-warming crosshairs with comments this week in which he called the science surrounding the issue “convoluted.”On the campaign trail last year, Gov. Rick Scott demurred when asked about climate c…

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Ask Deemable Tech: Why Am I Using So Much Data?

Donna writes, “I share a data plan with my family. I’m the biggest user of data, but I’m also the least tech savvy. I do very little downloading! I mostly just check emails. If someone sends me a link and I open it, am I downloading? Sometimes I use my…

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Duval County Voters Add Two New Referenda To Jacksonville City Charter

In addition to electing a new mayor, sheriff and several city council members, Duval County voters also approved two referenda amending Jacksonville’s charter.

The first affects the city’s attorney or general counsel.

Not only does it list specific qualifications for the position, it also dilutes the mayor’s control of the office by giving the City Council the power to fire an attorney.

Rick Mullaney, Director of the Public Policy Institute at Jacksonville University, says the change could help eliminate the perception of favoritism.

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