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Uber Bill Parked In The House

Proposals to create new insurance requirements for app-based transportation services like Uber and Lyft appear to be idling as the legislative session nears the end.The House and Senate have moved forward with bills that have differences, including abo…

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Sheriff, Mental-Health Providers Seek To Improve Inmate Care

Jacksonville’s mental-health providers are brainstorming how to better serve prison and jail inmates despite small budgets.

Mental health providers and law-enforcement officers met Thursday and Friday to talk about the intersection of mental illness and criminal justice. The two-day event was meant to help identify gaps in service and how to bridge them.

Christine Cauffield is Executive Director at Lutheran Services Florida Health Systems. She says low funding is a persistent barrier.

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Brown Calls For Minimum Wage Increase

Democratic Jacksonville Mayor Alvin Brown joined the owner of an Avondale restaurant Friday to voice support for increasing the minimum wage.Ian Chase owns Fox Restaurant. Chase and Brown told reporters they support raising the minimum wage to $10.10 a…

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Gulliford Announces New Solution To Pension Problem

A new plan is on the table to solve the City of Jacksonville’s $1.6 billion pension woes.

Jacksonville City Councilman Bill Gulliford announced his proposal for Police and Fire Pension Reform at City Hall Thursday.

The plan calls for many of the same pension benefits as one the City Council rejected last month. But in Gulliford’s version, the city would agree not to make further changes to employees’ pensions for seven years. Gulliford previously opposed this measure but said times are desperate.

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Boaters Urged To Watch For Manatees

Law enforcement and wildlife officials are reminding boaters to watch out for manatees. A run-in with one of the endangered animals could result in a $25,000 fine.As the temperature rises in Northeast Florida, so does the level of danger for slow-movin…

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