Before submitting, please view the FAQ below to learn more about the submission and selection process. We’ll be accepting new submission beginning November 5th.

The Square FAQ

What is ‘The Square’?

‘The Square’ is a collaboration between WJCT and the local arts community. It’s purpose is to provide a place for local artist to share their work. It is also a place where the community can go to view work by local artists.

How do I submit my work for consideration?

We’ll be accepting new submissions beginning November 5th.

How do you choose submissions for ‘The Square’?

When reviewing submissions we look at the following criteria:

  • Is the artist from the local community? Locality is defined by our viewing area.
  • Does the video exhibit the artist’s work or can WJCT produce a video to exhibit the artist’s work.
    • Videos that exhibit the work, such as a musical performance, dance performance, etc.
    • Videos that exhibit the creation of the work, such as painters, sculptors. etc.
  • Is the video under five minutes in length? (This time should include ‘The Square’ graphics which run thirty seconds)
    • Videos on The Square website are also scheduled to run between our television programming. These time slots are usually less than five minutes. This is one reason for the five minute length rule. The other is attention span for online videos. We may revisit this in the future to include long-form videos.
  • Does the work contain obscene, indecent or profane content as defined by the FCC? We will not accept works containing such content.

Are cultural institutions and organizations eligible to submit, or is ‘The Square’ for individual artists only?

For now ‘The Square’ is limited to individual artists. This includes artist groups such as bands, theater groups, etc.

I’m a visual artist. Can I submit stills of my work?

Currently ‘The Square’ is video only. We may revisit this in the future to include other media.

What are the video specifications for submissions?

The ideal specifications are as follows:

  • File format: H.264 (MPEG-4)
  • Size: 1920x1080i
  • Audio: 48k 16-bit

If your video file does not meet the above specifications we may be able to convert your file for use on ‘The Square’ website.

Can my work be featured on ‘The Square’ if I do not have a video?

Possibly. On the submission form there is a section that asks if you have a video of your work already produced. If not, WJCT may work with you to produce a video.

How long does it take to review submissions?

We review submissions as quickly as possible. There may be times when our workload is heavy and it may take longer than normal to reply.

Do you accept all submissions?

No. Please review our selection criteria. It is possible that submissions that fulfill the selection criteria may not be accepted. WJCT reserves the right to refuse submissions for any reason.

Will you notify me if my submission is denied?

Depending on the reason for denial, we may or may not notify you. For example, you submit a short film that contains an instance of profanity. We may contact you to request that you edit out the profanity and resubmit your video.

How can I help promote ‘The Square’?

You can help to promote ‘The Square’ by following WJCT on social media and sharing ‘The Square’ content.

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