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Community Thread

Airs quarterly
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Building on WJCT’s former “First Coast Forum” concept, “Community Thread” is more than just a TV show. It’s also radio stories that respond directly to audience-submitted questions. Our news team will also sift through the questions and provide answers to many of them in radio stories, giving credit to the person who asked the question. This way, the conversation thread continues all year.


First Coast Forum

Airs quarterly
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A quarterly series of interactive community forums designed to address critical challenges facing Florida’s First Coast and to engage the community in resolving them. Each program brings First Coast business and community leaders together for discussion, and gives community members an opportunity to weigh in. Launched in July 2001, the quarterly forums broadcast live on TV and radio.


Airs monthly on WJCT-TV
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Discover the stories of the people, places and events that are unique to the Northeast Florida and Southeast Georgia area.

Shadows of the Past: Mysteries from Florida’s History

Originally aired 2013
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Florida’s rich and diverse history is well known. But there are some stories from the past that remain a mystery. Will these mysteries of Florida history ever be solved or are the answers to these stories lost in the shadows of the past?
Shadows of the Past