WJCT Community Reach & Local Impact

WJCT Community Reach & Local Impact
WJCT’s impact is far reaching and yet touching lives one by one.

Nearly 60 years ago WJCT’s founder, Dr. Heywood Dowling, had the vision to recognize that public broadcasting would be a powerful instrument in promoting informed conversation, broadening horizons and bringing citizens together as a community. Since our first broadcast in 1958, and every day thereafter, we at WJCT have worked diligently to put the power of public broadcasting to good use for the benefit of everyone on the First Coast.

We use our unique assets of media, outreach and community engagement to help the First Coast community learn, share and grow.

To First Coast community members, we are a forum for dialogue, a safe haven for kids, a venue for the arts, a trusted resource, a sounding board, a neighbor, a friend. To children, we are a storyteller and a teacher. To parents and caregivers, we are a partner in raising kids to succeed in school and life. Teachers find here a wealth of lesson plans and other educational tools. Citizens of all ages and abilities turn to us as a primary source for news and information, and as a portal to the wonderful adventures of lifelong learning.

Why your investment is essential

WJCT is quite literally the public’s broadcasting service, an indispensable community resource that is freely accessible by literally anyone on the First Coast and dedicated to serving everyone from all ages and facets of life through quality content, educational services, outreach projects and engagement in the First Coast community. Help WJCT continue to make these services available to those you love, those you call friends and colleagues as well as the countless others for whom WJCT is an indispensable resource.