“I Can Feel Her Heart (Beatin’ Inside of Mine)” by Stephen Mason

Artist: Stephen Mason

Genre: Music

Bio: Singer/Songwriter – Country, with occasional mixture of folk/rock with a blues overtone recorded with minimal tracks; however, still a full sound.

Piece: I Can Feel Her Heart (Beatin’ Inside of Mine)

Piece Description: Contemporary country song about a guy who waited too long to commit to a relationship.

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  • Stephen Mason

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  • billmorgenstein

    Love it and passed it on!

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  • tebo governdor

    i love it!

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    AWESOME! Love it and shared!

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  • Om Sinha

    Great song, nice lyrics, loved it!! Thanks for sharing. Keep up the good work Stephen. God Bless!

    • Stephen Mason

      Thanks so much Om, God bless as well brother!

    • Stephen Mason

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  • @reallyruthless

    Husky melody with a touch of country, something you can sing along too

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  • Avery Repetto

    Really love this song. Thanks for telling me to listen to it. I will be letting my friends listen to it now.

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  • @DanGott

    I love this song, thank you Stephen for pointing out. I’ve given it a shout to my followers in Twitter.

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  • Ty Gardner

    Absolutely one of the most well written and produced songs I’ve heard in years!

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  • Stephen Mason

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  • Jeff Thompson

    That’s a really good song. Nicely put together.

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  • c.florin

    thank you or sugestion an awesome song!!!

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  • rainbow14000

    Great song. Intro a bit long. Nice country voice!

    • Stephen Mason

      Thank you! We are always trying to improve, have a great 4th!

  • Stephen Mason

    Thank you – we are always trying to improve – have a great 4th.

  • Great song just shared!

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  • Cassandra Maire Heke

    Great country voice! Great song <3 from NZ

    • We love to hear that news! Hi Cassandra – many thanks! How’s NZ – I’ve heard it’s beautiful?

      • Rick Hayes

        Stunning here. We are in Hawkes Bay – heaven on Earth!!

    • Sure appreciate the good words

  • Betsy Bess

    Great song and voice <3