“Fire Phoenix and Ice Tiger (Yin and Yang) Hand Beaded Wall Art Creation” by Krafty Max


Artist: Krafty Max

Genre: Other

Bio: Almost 40 years ago I sat and watched my mother making items for my family for the holidays.By the age of 5, I was already stranding beads for my own creations. Hand designing & creating every pieces – from the pattern to the finish work of the clasps. So now I am one of the lucky few that gets to turn my passion into a business. Many of my orders are customized to match the client’s requests.

Piece: Fire Phoenix and Ice Tiger (Yin and Yang) Hand Beaded Wall Art Creation

Piece Description: Hand designed and hand beaded wall art creation. Done freehand (without a loom).

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  • kraftymax

    WHOO HOOOO, I am honored to be a part of this organization and be able to show you my beaded art creation!! ~KM

  • Deborah W

    This is gorgeous! I know it took a long time. Glad you got through your surgery and are doing well. Keep up the great art work! 🙂

    • kraftymax

      🙂 thank you!! Yes, the beads have kept me busy!! ~KM

  • Eugenie

    This is an amazing piece. All you’re work is so beautiful.

    • kraftymax

      Thank you, that means so much!! ~KM

  • Wow this is pretty cool looking! Great work.

    • kraftymax

      Thank you very much! ~KM

  • Beverly Conroy

    This is amazing art work!

    • kraftymax

      Thank you!! ~KM

  • Keri LaPensee

    I utterly am in love with this it is a symbol that truly resonates for me which is why I had gotten a tribal one tattooed on my wrist many many years ago.

    • kraftymax

      🙂 Thank you very much…I love all the meaning behind it as well! ~KM

  • Laura Wilson-Farmer

    One of the most incredible pieces of beaded artistry I’ve ever see. I SO wish I could get this piece…maybe someday or something similar

    • kraftymax

      🙂 thank you!! ~KM

  • Laura Wilson-Farmer

    Just can’t say enough about how amazing this is!

    • kraftymax

      Thank you very much!! ~KM

  • Susan Wilson

    Awesome! My 10 year old son likes it, too 🙂

    • kraftymax

      Thank you so much!! ~KM

  • Marsha Knox

    We know I LOVE IT! Lol