Good For You: Girls’ Day Out

Take time to reconnect with all that’s good for you.

Join us for an uplifting day of health and wellness.

Be inspired by health experts. Be smart with free screenings. Be pampered with a lovely gift bag. Be nourished with fresh food and the spirit of women.

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7:30 am - 3:15 pm


Hyatt Regency Jacksonville Riverfront
225 E Coastline Dr
Jacksonville, FL 32202

  • nomd

    what a horrible sexist belittling demeaning name for an event put on for women. Women are not girls. They are adult human beings. No one would market an event for men as “boys day out.” I will not support WJCT or Hyatt Regency for mountingthis attack on women.

  • Sally Marks

    I am offending by “girls day out” every single time I hear that advertisement it sickens me. I completely agree with nomd from a year ago that no one would market an event for men as “boys day out”. It recalls the period in our history when women were stuck in the house, and NEEDED day out once in a while! How very backwards! I wouldn’t expect this from NPR, I would expect this coming from maybe Daughters of the American Revolution?

  • Kathy Schwaller Whitaker

    Good grief settle down. I really don’t think calling the event “Girls day out” means that they don’t think we are women. And to equate this with taking away our right to vote is rediculous. Why so sensitive? It’s just a cute name for the event.