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JEA, City Of Jacksonville Sued For $75 Million

A water-saving technology company is suing the city of Jacksonville and the Jacksonville Electric Authority for $75 million. The company, Fluid Dynamics, says its reputation was damaged, and it lost business.A few years back, Fluid Dynamics installed i…

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‘Trans Bathroom Bill’ Protest Planned During Jacksonville Art Walk

Today in downtown Jacksonville from 4 to 6 a group of transgender activists is demonstrating against a proposed Florida law. Two House committees have passed the measure preventing people from entering bathrooms unless their gender at birth matches the gender on the door. The legislation now sits in a committee chaired by Jacksonville Republican Charles McBurney. The activists are using tonight’s Art Walk to demonstrate outside McBurney’s Laura Street office.

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2015 April Fools’ Day Pranks Roundup

On this sacred holiday, it is often hard to tell which news stories are real and which are fake. Failing to heed the wise words of John Oliver individuals, businesses and news organizations have brought out their best pranks for this April Fools’ …

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JEA Bills Going Up In Orange Park

Many people who live in Orange Park will soon see an increase in their monthly JEA bills.The utility company recently sent out letters to about 4,500 customers, telling them that starting April 1, a 10 percent public service tax will be included on eve…

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