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Jacksonville City Elections Are Tomorrow

Jacksonville’s city elections are almost upon us. Voters will have their last chance to cast ballots Tuesday.

Duval County Elections Supervisor Jerry Holland says there are a few key things to keep in mind as you head to the polls.

“Make sure you know where your correct precinct is. Bring your sample ballot filled out; you know what you’re going to be seeing,” Holland said. “Also, bring one of the 9-forms of ID — most common is the driver’s license. But again, it doesn’t prevent you from voting provisional if you don’t have an ID.”

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Public Safety Remains A Divisive Talking Point In Jax Mayor’s Race

Public safety has emerged as a major issue in Jacksonville’s super close mayor’s race, with incumbent Mayor Alvin Brown defending his approach to this core function of government, while challenger Lenny Curry has hammered Brown’s administration on the issue of violent crime. A recent school bus shooting incident reinforced the narrative.

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University Professor Creates Sound Of Silent Film

Norman Studio’s monthly silent film screening – “Silent Sunday” – celebrates northeast Florida’s early film industry. The events include live musical accompaniment by The Silver Synchro Sounds. Group leader and Jacksonville University music professor Tony Steve gave WJCT’s Peter Haden a lesson in the sound of silent movies.

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Deep Sea Oil Exploration Opponents: Actual Costs Outweigh Potential Benefits

The federal government is considering 10 applications for offshore oil and gas exploration along the U.S. Eastern Seaboard.

The Florida Department of Environmental Protection has asked to delay the permits for further impact studies.

Neil Armingeon says just a few years ago, he didn’t know about seismic airgun testing, a standard method of mapping oil and gas deposits in deep sea beds. Today, though, it’s one of his top priorities.

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Closing The Loop: Rod Borisade

Rod Borisade grew up in very rough neighborhood in Northwest Jacksonville. Drugs were more readily available than books were, and Rod knew that he didn’t want to fit in.”I was terrified of ending up like everyone I saw. Even now, I run away from ending…

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