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Jacksonville Gaining New Jobs At Slightly Faster Rate Than Rest Of Florida

State economists say as a whole in October, Florida experienced the highest one-month total for jobs added in 10 years.

The new jobs numbers released Friday show Jacksonville’s unemployment rate continuing its steady decline.

But there are some distinct differences between the statewide data and Jacksonville.

One of those differences is Jacksonville is actually adding jobs at a faster pace than the rest of the state. The First Coast’s unemployment rate is just under 5 percent while the statewide rate is just over 5 percent.

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Closing The Loop: Margie Seaman

Margie Seaman is from New York, and might have stayed there forever had not circumstances intervened.

“I grew up in an era where people didn’t move,” she said. “My mother played in a tennis game, with the same six women, for over 50 years. My parents lived in their house for 55 years, and I guess I thought that their house was like the one that I would live in for 55 years.”

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In Aftermath Of Paris Attacks, Jacksonville Syrians Speak Out

In the aftermath of the terror attacks in Paris, U.S. officials at all levels of government are questioning the country’s system for accepting Syrian refugees.

Skeptics worry allowing a proposed 10,000 resettlements could put people at risk.

But descendants of older Syrian refugees in Jacksonville want to remind locals of their community’s existing presence.

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18-Year-Old Eyes Duval County School Board Seat


On a sunny afternoon at the Florida State College at Jacksonville South Campus Nick Harding is sitting on a bench outside.

Harding is a student at FSCJ. It’s his first semester of college…and he’s also just filed candidacy to run for the Duval County School Board.


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