Studio 5 Sessions : Canary in the Coalmine “Dancing Devil”

Canary in the Coalmine perform “Dancing Devil” Studio 5 Sessions. “Canary in the Coalmine” are an American folk band based in Jacksonville, Florida, fronted by songwriters Jessica Pounds and Sandy Wicker. A haunting quality underscores striking vocal harmonies that provide a focal point for the band’s Appalachian folk and alt country influences. It’s that uniquely characteristic sound of their voices together that first caught the girls’ attention in July of 2009, when they crossed paths busking in the streets of Asheville, North Carolina. It was love at first sound. They were immediately struck by an undeniable compatibility, and although they lived 500 miles apart the band was formed within four months. Since then, Jessica and Sandy are proud to have joined forces with some of Jacksonville’s finest musicians

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