“Bobbing for Acorns” by Phillip Carter


Artist: Phillip Carter

Genre: Painting

Bio: I am a native of Brunswick,GA; raised up with God and Gators. After living in east TN for over 20 years I have recently returned to my birth place. I come from a long line of outdoorsmen. The many hours I have spent in the southern pines, swamps, and salt marshes of south east GA inspired me to draw and paint. I learned the hard way. I am self taught by countless hours of trial and error.

Piece: Bobbing for Acorns

Piece Description: This is an acrylic painting on cotton rag paper of a male wood duck feeding on a wateroak acorn.

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  • Phillip Lanier Carter

    I loved watching these beautiful birds in the dark cypress swamps of the woods I roamed in as a child. Watching “woodies” for hours allowed me to gain an intimate knowledge of their habits. Such as the fact that they feed on acorns. I also, learned the sound of the mournful cries that they make to each other. It adds to their ghost like character as they move in and out of the swamp thickets appearing and disappearing in the black water bobbing for acorns to fill their craw’s.