Health Screenings

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Heart Health and Diabetes Screenings

Sponsored by Baptist Health

Learn all about your heart disease and diabetes risk factors in your effort to be heart healthy, because knowledge is power. You’ll have your glucose, blood pressure, total cholesterol and body mass index (BMI) measured. Learn your waist circumference to find out whether you are at risk for obesity-related diseases. Nurses will be available to provide counseling about your results, which you can use to begin a discussion with your physician.

Bone Health Screening

Sponsored by Baptist Health

Are you aware of the risk factors for low bone density? It’s something every woman should know. To participate, you will place your bare heel into an ultrasound-screening machine. You will leave the screening with an understanding of all of your risk factors and your T-score, the measurement that compares your bone density with that of healthy young women. An assessment form is yours to keep and discuss with your physician.

Breast Cancer Risk Assessment

Sponsored by the Hill Breast Center at Baptist Medical Center

Learn how to conduct proper breast self-examination. Take the National Cancer Institute’s breast cancer risk assessment – a simple, five-minute test that gives a woman an estimate of her chances of developing breast cancer during the next five years, and in her lifetime. You’ll receive a copy to share with your health care provider.

Ask the Pharmacist

Sponsored by Baptist Health

Pharmacists are staffing this booth to answer your questions. It’s the right time to ask a pharmacist about the prescription medicines, over-the-counter drugs and supplements you take. Learn about the importance of taking your medicines as prescribed, and how it can affect your body.

Bloodless Medicine and Surgery

Sponsored by Baptist Health Bloodless Medicine & Surgery

Bloodless medicine allows patients to be treated without blood transfusions and is available for many surgeries. Its benefits include faster recovery times and shorter hospital stays. Is bloodless medicine for you? Talk to an expert to learn the latest bloodless techniques and to get the information you need to make informed choices about your medical care.

HeartWise Lifestyle

Sponsored by Baptist HeartWise Prevention Program

Learn about the Baptist Health HeartWise screening and assessment and other support services available to help you maintain a heart-healthy lifestyle. Enter a drawing to win a free HeartWise for Women Assessment, where you will learn your heart’s age.

Sleep Assessment

Sponsored by Baptist Health Sleep Disorders Centers

A good night’s sleep is important to quality of life. Learn about the signs and symptoms of sleep disorders, as well as the risks of untreated sleep conditions. Complete a simple screening that can help you decide if you need to speak to a sleep specialist or are a candidate for a sleep study. Have your blood oxygen levels measured with a fingertip pulse oximeter.

Joint Health

Sponsored by Baptist Health Joint Replacement Center

Learn about the common causes of joint pain and available treatment options.

The New Y Healthy Living Center

Sponsored by Baptist Health

Body composition screening offered by Y Healthy Living and Baptist Health. The Y Healthy Living Center brings medically integrated programs from Baptist Health into the Y — and makes these programs more accessible to the surrounding community. Visit this booth to learn your body composition and about featured programs led by clinical professionals at the Y.

PatientSecure Palm Scanning

Sponsored by Baptist Health

Ensuring the right care is provided to the right patient is of highest priority at Baptist Health. Stop by to learn about the Patient Secure biometric palm scanning process, now used during hospital registration to link the unique pattern in your palm to your unique medical record. Enroll today!

Surgical Options for Weight Loss

Sponsored by Baptist Center for Bariatrics

Are you ready for a healthier life? Excess weight can affect all aspects of your life. Have your BMI calculated and learn about three surgical options that will help you lose weight and live healthier.

Stress Management

Sponsored by Baptist Behavioral Health

Mental health and wellness is essential for happiness and success. Learn about ways you can better manage the everyday stresses of life.

Vision Screening

Sponsored by Sam’s Club

Let a vision health professional screen your vision and evaluate your need for a complete eye exam. Consult with vision health professionals to get your complete eye health needs assessed.

Stroke & Cerebrovascular Care

Sponsored by Baptist Health

Stroke can happen to anyone at any time, regardless of race, gender or age. It is a life-threatening emergency as brain cells rapidly begin to die. Quick intervention is vital. Visit this booth to talk to an expert to learn the latest treatment options. See if you know the three Rs of stroke and signs to look for if you or someone you love is having a stroke.

AgeWell Center for Senior Health

Sponsored by Baptist Health

Baptist AgeWell Center for Senior Health is a specialized outpatient center and care team focused on promoting healthy aging for older adults with complex needs. Visit this booth and learn how this comprehensive approach looks at the whole person through personalized geriatric assessment.

Hearing Screening

Sponsored by Jacksonville Hearing & Balance Institute

Be sure to sign up in advance to let a board-certified Audiologist doctor conduct a pass/fail 4-5 minutes hearing screening. The screenings will be conducted on the second floor in the room by the parking garage entrance.