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Is Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office Ticketing Jaywalkers?


Warnings have been circulating on social media about a police crackdown against jaywalkers in Jacksonville.

It’s true, jaywalkers may be more likely to get ticketed this month and next. Lauri-Ellen Smith, Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office Public spokeswoman, said more officers are out looking for illegal crossers.


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04/06/16: Sexual Assault; Music And Autism; Schultz Center; Douglas Anderson’s ‘The Shadow Box’

Sexual Assault

Jacksonville leaders say they’re determined to do whatever is necessary to help victims of sexual assault.

That was the message this week as Mayor Lenny Curry, Sheriff Mike Williams and State Attorney Angela Corey all spoke out about efforts to reduce a large backlog both here in our area and around the state of untested sexual assault kits.

A multi-million dollar grant has been awarded to the prosecutor’s office to work on this. And a multi-disciplinary team, the only one of its kind in Florida, is operating in this area.

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“Jax.Fla.” by Viktor Lazarev

Artist: Viktor Lazarev Genre: Painting Bio: About Viktor Lazarev… Was born (Kazakhstan,USSR)… daycare… all schools… university(civil engineering diploma)… work… ‘revolutions’, removals(migrations)… Became an artist(or being one before,or not at all, you’re the judge!),self… live in JAX.FLA.USA… and still alive. Thank…

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