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Interior Alaska: Frontier Community

Interior Alaska can be a forbidding place. The region is largely wilderness, covered with expansive stretches of tundra and towering mountain ranges. Winters are long and dark, with just a few hours of sunlight on the shortest days and temperatures that often plunge to -50F. Because of its isolation and climate, the region has long attracted people drawn to the challenges and opportunities of a wild, remote place. In this episode of SOTRU, we’ll meet a number of athletes, journalists, scientists, and activists who embody the spirit of Interior Alaska through their grit, determination, and iconoclasm. VIEW PHOTOS AND MORE

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First Coast Connect

Feeding Northeast Florida Opens New Food Distribution Center in Jacksonville Author Debbie Powers, Meeting Her Match: The Story of a Female Athlete-Coach, Before and After Title IX Communities in Schools Graduations Stories Tech Tuesday: Contributor Joey Marchy on Apple’s Worldwide Developers…

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