1964: American Experience


The Beatles, the Civil Rights Act, the Gulf of Tonkin. Revisit the year America began to chart a new course.

  • mickey_moussaoui

    1964: The American Experience
    I just watched the 1964: American Experience on my local
    state public television. I enjoyed the program and it certainly brought back
    many memories. I have one issue with the producer and his choice to lean left
    on the historical record and the way the subliminal message was portrayed in
    the film. In the section on President Johnson’s efforts to move the vote on civil
    rights, the film passed the image that it was only Republicans who President Johnson had to sway to his side. It should be noted, for the record, that the majority of Democrats voted against the 14th amendment, The Civil Rights
    Act. Even though Goldwater was a dominant figure for the new Conservative Party at that time, the real barrier to Johnson’s civil rights agenda was the racist
    faction within the Democrat party, not the Conservative Republicans of that
    era. Without the support of the Republican vote, Johnson, and America would not
    of won that victory.

    It would be a good gesture if leftist Democrats finally
    admit that the history of their own political party wasn’t as ideologically
    pure as their revisionist ideas often are.